Disable two-factor authentication

Team Members can configure two-factor authentication on their account. But that means they are locked out if they forgot their email password or lost their phone. In that case, they might not be able to get their authentication code and log in. To get around this, an Administrator can remove the two-factor authentication for this person.

To remove the two-factor authentication for a Team Member, follow these steps:

  • Find the Team Member for whom you want to remove the two-factor authentication.
    Find the Team Member for whom to remove two-factor authentication.
  • Now click on the edit (pencil) button at the very right of the row.
    Pencil button
  • This opens the Team Member’s profile for you to edit. Click the button Disable at the top of the page, next to Two-factor: Enabled.
    Two-factor authentication disable button
    Your Team Member will be notified that his two-factor code has been removed.