Administrators are a special kind of Team Member with some additional management rights and obligations.

What can Administrators do?

Some of things Administrators can do that regular Team Members cannot is: edit the Portal Settings, create Team Members, reset Team Member passwords, suspend Team Members, delete Dossiers, delete Workflows and turn a Team Member into an Administrator.

Administrators have obligations that include making sure your organization complies with our Terms and Conditions, specifically relating to security, billing and making sure that you are not using the portal for anything illegal.

Throughout this Knowledge Base whenever we write Team Member that includes all Administrators. We will only specify Administrator, when only Administrators can complete the action.

Administrator obligations

Someone has to be responsible for how you, your Team Members and your Clients use your portal. That someone is every single Administrator. As set out in our Terms and Conditions, all Administrators together and individually are responsible for compliance with our rules and the law.

Some of those obligations include:

  • Never make your portal look like it belongs to an organization without that organization’s permission (No phishing!)
  • Make sure you pay your bills on time or we might have to shut you off.
  • Make sure the portal contains no illegal information.
  • Make sure your portal complies with your local rules for ecommerce if you use our Invoicing component.

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully.

Create a new Administrator

When you create a new Team Member, you see a toggle that asks you if this Team Member should be an Administrator. Set this toggle to Yes to create a new Administrator.

Simply enter the minimal information to quickly create a Team Member account.

Promote or demote a Team Member to/from Administrator

Any changes you make here will only be applied after the Team Member logged out and back in. If you turn an Administrator into a Team Member, he will remain an Administrator until he has logged out.

In order to change a Team Member into an Administrator (or the other way around), go to the Team Member’s Profile and change the Admin toggle to the position of your choice.

If you are an Administrator, you can easily turn another Team Member into one by switching the toggle to yes.
If you are an Administrator, you can easily turn another Team Member into one by switching the toggle to yes.