Complete (or skip) a Task

The whole point of Tasks and Workflows is to proceed from start to finish. When a Dossier is finished or completed, you want to see only green check marks or skipped icons in the list of Tasks.

Green checks are marking the completion of Tasks.
Green checks are marking the completion of Tasks.

Who can complete a Task?

When you configure the Task, you decide whether the Team Member or Client has to complete the Task.

However, a Team Member can (nearly) always complete an action or Task on behalf of his Client or another Team Member. It makes you a much nicer guy or girl if you occasionally help someone out and do a bit of work they’re supposed to do.

Who can complete what:

  • Team Members can always complete any Task that is assigned to any other Team Member.
  • Main Clients can complete every Task assigned to any linked Client.
  • Team Members can complete all Tasks for Clients, except if they include an approval or payment step.

How to complete a Task

When you are supposed to complete a Task, it will show up on the top of the Dossier page with a green dotted line to the left. It will depend on the types of actions that are required to complete this Task, how the Task will look. You will be told exactly what to do in the Task, but in general there are three ways to indicate that you have completed the actions in the Task and are ready to proceed:

  • Clicking the Next button – At the bottom of most Tasks, you will find a button that allows you to continue. The text on this button can differ, because it is something that can be decided during the Task Configuration.
  • Pay an invoice – If you or a fellow Team Member added an Invoice to a Task, the Invoice must be paid, marked as paid or credited before you can complete the Task. After paying, the Task is immediately marked as complete.
  • Approve something – Sometimes you are required to confirm something by clicking a button that says Approve, I agree or something similar. You will also have the option to disagree. If you disagree, the current Task remains active and records your reason for disagreeing. If you agree, the Task will immediately be marked as complete. The text on this button can differ, because it is something that can be decided during the Task Configuration.
If a Task does not have a clickable Next, Pay or Approve button, this Task might have to completed by the Client or you still need to do something before you can continue. Please carefully check to see if you have fully completed the Task.

This is an example of a relatively simple Task where you are asked to upload some Documents.

Example of a Task.
Example of a Task.

Skip a Task

If someone added a Task to a Dossier that is no longer relevant, you have two options. The first option is to delete the upcoming task and the second is to skip the task.

Skipping a Task might be preferred to deleting a Task when you want to make it clear that you would normally want to complete this Task as part of a Workflow, but in this one case do not require it.

You can skip the current or upcoming Tasks. To skip a Task:

  • On the Dossier page, find the Task you want to skip.
  • In the menu on the top right of the Task you will find the option to Skip this Task.
    Skip this Task
  • If the Task you are skipping is the current Task, the next Task will immediately become the new current Task. If the Task you are skipping is an upcoming Task, it will just be skipped and the Workflow will proceed to the next Task.