Your Profile & Settings

You have your own unique account, maybe even more than one. Each account has its own profile, with personal information, contact details and settings.

The more information you enter into your account profile, the easier it’ll be for other users of your portal to find you.

Your Account Submenu

If you click on your avatar (which you can find on the top op every page, on the very right), this will open a submenu that gives you access to your profile & settings as well as a link to logout.

Your Profile Submenu gives you access to your profile and settings.
Your Profile Submenu gives you access to your profile and settings.


An avatar is an image that you can upload by which people can easily recognize you. It is also displayed to the right of the menu, next to your name. Throughout your portal, whenever you are working on a Dossier, created a Document, generated an Invoice, or did anything else, we will display your name and avatar.

Your clients will appreciate it if you add a picture of yourself as the avatar. A picture of you will make the experience more personal for them. They like to know they’re dealing with a real person with a real face.

To add or change your avatar, first go to your Profile and click the upload button next to the Avatar label.

Your avatar makes you easy to recognize throughout the portal.
Your avatar makes you easy to recognize throughout the portal.

Personal Details

Your Clients and Team Members need to be able to find you within your portal and have ways of communicating with you outside of your portal. The ways to do this are configured in the personal details section of your Profile.

(Clients Only) – As a Client you can enter more information about yourself. Things like a social security number, details about your family composition and more. We do this, because it might be necessary for the Team Members to know these things in order to better serve you. Please see the section on the Client Profile for more information.

Team Members can enter the following information into their Profile:

  • Title/Salutation – Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Sir… just enter how you would like people to address you.
  • First & Last name – This probably needs little explanation.
  • Email – The email address you would like to use to log in to your Portal. This email address will be visible to both Team Members and Clients.
  • Phone Numbers – You can add one or more phone numbers that will be visible to your Team Members and Clients.
  • Job Title – This will be visible to your Clients and explains what you do.

Personal Settings

On your Profile, you can also configure some settings that allow you to make FastPortal better match the way you work.

The settings you can edit are:

  • Email notification -This allows you to configure how often you would like to receive Notifications from your Portal.
    You decide how often you receive notifications from your portal.
  • Default page – When you log into FastPortal, by default it will open your Dashboard page. We think the Dashboard is a good place to start for most people, but perhaps you work in the finance department of your organization and only ever look at the invoices. In that case you can pick another default page that opens when you log in.
    You pick your own default page.

    The default page is also the page that opens when you click on the logo to the left of the menu.
  • Language – FastPortal supports Dutch and English at this time. If both are enabled for your portal, you will be able to decide which one you see when you log in. All your email messages (including Notifications) from FastPortal will also be in the language of your choice.
    You can also temporarily change the language using the language picker in the submenu that opens when you click on your name or avatar in the top right. This choice is not saved to your settings, so next time you log in, the language will be what you picked in your Profile settings.
  • Change your password – This is also where you find the link to the change your password page.
  • Admin – Admins can turn themselves into a regular Team Member.