White label

FastPortal allows your organization to launch a white label client portal. White label means that the portal can be made to match your own branding and terminology. In addition to that, you get the pick the URL and specify the name, among other things.

As a result, every portal powered by FastPortal will look different and have a different name.


In FastPortal, the top bar that houses the Menu has a custom color that can be set by your organization. In all our examples, this bar will be our own shade of FastPortal blue. Unless you not yet changed this color, yours will look different.

Your menu will look different, because you can pick the background color.
Your menu will look different, because you can pick the background color.

The text that we use in the Menu is a shade of the color you have picked. For lighter colors, we suggest you use a darker shade that approaches black. For darker color backgrounds, we suggest you use a lighter shade that approaches white. You can change the colors in Portal Settings.


In your portal, you can specify two different logos. One is used in the Menu and is usually placed against some colored background. Some pages in your portal, however, require a logo that can be used against a white background.

Throughout this Knowledge Base, we will use screenshots that feature our own logo. Whenever you see our logo, feel free to imagine your own!

Logo for colored backgrounds

The logo that is used in the top left of every page can be changed to match your organization’s branding.

You can (and should) upload your own logo.
You can (and should) upload your own logo.

Logo for white background

The logo for use against white backgrounds is used, for instance, on the login page, in email notifications or as the logo on Invoices.

Your login page is white-label as well!
Your login page is white-label as well!

Feel free to use the same logo for both the Menu and login pages. They don’t have to be different.

Portal name

The portal name is used in all e-mail notifications we send Team Members and Clients. It is also used in some parts of your portal, like the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

You decide what your portal is called!
You decide what your portal is called!

Portal URL

Every portal is initially accessed from a FastPortal.com subdomain. For instance, we use https://our.fastportal.com to manage or own clients and https://vgr.fastportal.com as demo portal for a fake law firm. This is great for us, because we are FastPortal and want our customers to see our name.

However, you probably want your Clients to think of you and your organization, rather than us. To help with this, we make it very easy to change the URL to something like https://yourorganizationportal.com or https://my.ledgeraccountants.eu.

Most of our customers use https://MY.ledgeraccountants.com as the URL for their portal and then call their portal something like My Ledger Accounts.

Language settings

At this time FastPortal supports English and Dutch. You can decide on a bunch of language settings, like which languages to display, what to use as the default language.

Currency and date formatting

Different countries have varying ways of writing dates and numbers. In FastPortal, Administrators can set how numbers, dates and times are displayed.