When things happen in your portal, you want to know about them. We don’t expect you to open your portal every 15 minutes and check for changes. So, to make your life easier, we will send you notifications by email about any changes that might have occurred or things that we think you might need to check out.

What events trigger notifications

You will receive a Notification if we think it is relevant for you. That means, you will receive notifications for all Dossiers you are assigned to as a Team Member or Client. Also, if you are the Primary Team Member for a specific Client, you will also receive a Notification if they do something that triggers a Notification.

Actions that trigger Notifications, include:

  • Uploading a Document;
  • Starting a new Dossier;
  • Paying an Invoice;
  • Completing a Task;
  • A new Task becoming active; and
  • Requesting a password reset.

When do you receive Notifications

You don’t want to receive hundreds of emails per day, but this might happen if you receive an email for every single notification. That is why it is possible to change the frequency of Notifications in your personal settings.

You can set this to:

  • Never – you will not receive any Notifications. We do not recommend doing this.
  • Immediately – you will receive every Notification the instant it is triggered.
  • Hourly – you will receive a single mail per hour if you have any Notifications.
  • Daily – you will receive a single mail per hour if you have any Notifications.

No confidential information

In order to protect your private and confidential information, we will not email out confidential information. As a result, most Notifications will simply be a request to log into your Portal to see exactly what the update is.

Safety first!