“For internal use only”

FastPortal is all about increasing transparency and openness and thereby improving communication between you and your Clients. We strongly feel that transparency both increases the quality of the work you will deliver and make your Client much happier. However, not every piece of information is necessarily relevant for your Clients or colleagues.

Internal Descriptions

Throughout your portal you will find places where you can enter an internal or private description. For instance, Dossiers, Tasks, Workflows, Invoice Templates and Products all give you this open.

Internal descriptions will show up with a yellow background to identify them. These descriptions are only visible for Team Members.

Internal descriptions are only visible to Team Members and can be used for extra instructions or clarification.
Internal descriptions are only visible to Team Members and can be used for extra instructions or clarification.
You can use internal descriptions to leave a reminder for Team Members to check something before they continue, indicate when they need to pick a specific template or to indicate how two different Workflows with the same name are actually different. We’re sure you can think of other uses!

Client Notes

Team Members can leave notes about a Client on their Dashboard. These Client Notes are only visible to Team Members.

Dossier Quick Notes

Within a Dossier, you or a Client might need to leave a note. That is why we added the option to add a Quick Note to a Dossier. When a Client leaves a Quick Note, these are always visible for every Team Member (and the Client himself). However, when a Team Member leaves a note he has three options:

  • Visible for Client & Team Members – This kind of Quick Note is visible for everyone who can view this Dossier.
  • Visible for Team Members – These Quick Notes are not visible for the Client, but your Team Members can see them.
  • Private – These Quick Notes function as a note to self. Only you will see them.
Files attached to a Quick Note in a Dossier are visible for everyone. Make sure you do not add confidential files or files that you do not want your Client to see (yet).

Hidden Tasks

You can set some Tasks in a Workflow or Dossier to be hidden from Clients. These Tasks are only visible to Team Members and it is still required to complete or skip the Task in order to continue to the next Task.