Filtering, Searching & Sorting

Your portal has a number of pages that contain lists of items that can be very long. For instance, the pages with all the Dossiers, Invoices, Clients, Team Members, Tasks and some others all contain dozens of items for smaller organizations to many thousands for larger ones. Therefore, we try to make it as simple as possible to find information using filtering, searching and sorting.

This mostly works the same on every one of those pages with lists, but to explain how this works, we will use the Clients page.

Filter by a single field

If you go to the Clients page, you will see a search bar to the right, just above the list of Clients.

You can easily filter by a single field at the top of every list page.
You can easily filter by a single field at the top of every list page.

To search by a single field, like a name or email address, you:

  • Use the dropdown menu that now says “Name” to pick the type of information you want to search for.
    Select the filter you want to use.
  • For now, let’s say we want to search for Clients in a specific country. In this case the Netherlands. So we picked Country and now we can start typing the name of a country. Your portal will give you suggestions as you type.
    Select the value you want to filter on.
  • When you see the country you need, click on the name of the country and it will immediately apply the filter and show only Clients from the Netherlands.

Filter by multiple fields

Perhaps the list of Clients from a single country is still too long and you also want to search for their name. To get there, just follow these steps:

  • Filter on a single data field.
  • This immediately loaded the page with that filter applied, but it also added the option to add a new filter. This works exactly the same way. So, select the information you want to filter on.
    Add the second filter you want to use.
  • Enter the value you want to filter on and apply the second filter. Now watch the page instantly refresh with both filters applied.
If you want to add multiple filters all at once, you can click the plus (+) icon to the right of the last filter to add another filter.

Removing a filter

If you added too many filters or want to change a filter, you can remove that specific filter by clicking the X next it.

Removing a filter
Removing a filter


You can sort the data in almost every list by clicking on the name of column. If you click the name of the column again, the data will sort the other way.

For instance, if we click on Name above the list of Clients, it will first sort the list of clients by their first name from A to Z. If you click it again, it will sort from Z to A.