Your portal has a few different components that work together seamlessly. These can all be accessed from the Menu at any time. There are also a number of places throughout the portal where you can easily jump between the components, when we think that will make your life a little easier.

This section of the Knowledge Base is only a quick explanation of the components. If you want to jump straight to the long chapters with the complete explanation of the individual components, use the menu on the left.

Dossiers (& Tasks)

Ideally you use FastPortal in such a way that everything revolves around Dossiers. Dossiers are the best way to tie together all the Documents, Invoices, Messages and Quick Notes relating to a particular topic. Also, using Tasks within a Dossier you can assign a task to someone and using Workflows you can even configure a series of Tasks that are to be completed one after the other.

If a Document, Invoice or Message doesn’t really fit in a specific Dossier, you can always put it in the “General & Other Dossier” we have already created for every Client.

A dossier is always tied to a single Client. It is possible to invite linked Clients of this Client to also watch the Dossier or even assign Tasks to them.

Every Client can have as many dossiers as you like. There is no limit on Dossiers.

The text that we use in the Menu is a shade of the color you have picked. For lighter colors, we suggest you use a darker shade that approaches black. For darker color backgrounds, we suggest you use a lighter shade that approaches white. You can change the colors in Portal Settings.


Documents are files uploaded by a Client or Team Member. Documents are more than just the underlying file, though. Every Document has a few additional pieces of information attached to it that simple files on your computer don’t. This so-called metadata includes a completed log of everyone who viewed the file, comments, public and private descriptions and information on what Dossiers it relates to.

Invoicing & Payments

It is possible to generate invoices using FastPortal. These invoices can then be paid using a digital payment method, like credit card or iDeal. Our invoices integrate seamlessly with Dossiers and Tasks, meaning they can be generated automatically and save you a lot of time.

Our customers report that Clients pay a lot quicker if they can pay using credit card, PayPal or iDeal. And they appreciate the convenience.


Your portal comes with a messaging system that works a lot like email. It has some significant advantages, though. First of all, you can easily link messages to a Dossier. This allows for much easier retrieval of information. Secondly, our built in messaging is a lot more secure than email; our messages are encrypted and we keep track of who accessed them.

Never use email to send confidential information. Email is not a secure platform.