Accounts & Account Types

Every individual who can log into your portal has at least one account.

Accounts are meant to be strictly personal. That means one person can have multiple accounts, but multiple people may not share a single account. By following these rules, we can keep track of who does what and when, giving your organization much more control over processes and data, improving security.

In order to control who can do what, we have different types of accounts. We will explain them here.

Read more about creating a Client account, creating a Team Member account or starting a brand new Portal to get started!

Clients & Main Clients

FastPortal was built to help service providers of all flavors – especially you – better serve your Clients.

Whenever we mention Clients we are talking about your clients. You will be referred to as Team Member (or perhaps Administrator).

Clients have access to all the Components, but they will generally have fewer options than Team Members. For instance, Clients can only see their own Dashboard, Documents, Dossiers, Tasks, Invoices and Messages. Whether Clients are allowed to self-register for your portal or start their own Dossiers depends on the settings your Administrators chose. Everything that Team Members can find in the More submenu is not available to Clients.

It is possible to link multiple Client accounts in which case all Main Clients can see the Dashboard, Documents, Dossiers, Tasks, Invoices and Messages belonging to all the linked accounts. Main Clients also have some account management options like resetting a password, suspending an account or editing a Client Profile for linked accounts. In essence, Main Clients can control linked accounts very much as if it is their own account.

Throughout this Knowledge Base we will mostly talk about Clients, rather than specify Main or Sub Client, because in most cases the difference doesn’t matter. We will be specific where necessary.

Sub Clients

Perhaps your Client is a company that has multiple employees who need to have an account or you are working for a family where both spouses need an account. In these situations, it makes sense to link these accounts.

Sometimes there is a hierarchy within the Client’s organization. Spouses might want to see everything their partner can see, but in larger organizations that might not be optimal. That is where Sub Clients come in. Sub Clients are just like Main Clients, except that they may really only see their own Dashboard, Documents, Dossiers, Tasks, Invoices and Messages. Unlike their linked Main Clients, they cannot access anything belonging to their colleagues.

Every Main Client or Team Member can turn a Sub Client into a Main Client (or a Main Client into a Sub Client).

There must always be at least one Main Client, but there don’t have to be any Sub Clients.

Team Members

This is you! (Probably.) Team Members work for or with the organization that uses this portal to communicate with their Clients.

Team Members can see only their own Dashboard, private Documents and private Quick Notes, but they can see all Client Dashboards, Documents, Dossiers, Tasks, Invoices and Messages belonging to your organization and every single Client. (Private Documents are the single exception.)

Every Team Member has access to all the information for every single Client. FastPortal at this time does not support access restrictions for Team Members.

Team Members can create Clients, start Dossiers, assign Tasks, reset Client passwords, suspend Client accounts and do many more things that you can read about in this Knowledge Base.


Administrators are a special kind of Team Member with some additional management rights and obligations.

Some of things Administrators can do that regular Team Members cannot is: edit the Portal Settings, create Team Members, reset Team Member passwords, suspend Team Members, delete Dossiers, delete Workflows and turn a Team Member into an Administrator.

Administrators have obligations that include making sure your organization complies with our Terms and Conditions, specifically relating to security, billing and making sure that you are not using the portal for anything illegal.

Throughout this Knowledge Base whenever we write Team Member that includes all Administrators. We will only specify Administrator, when only Administrators can complete the action.

FastPortal Management

We at FastPortal have our own FastPortal Management accounts.

In some sense our accounts are very powerful, because we can enable or disable your portal, change some portal settings, including your portal name, company details, portal styling, , subscription and billing details and quite a few security parameters. We can also send sample Workflows to your portal. All these things are directly related to managing the portal and helping you configure it, without giving ourselves access to your information.

FastPortal employees do not have access to data that is stored in your portal. We can also not provide password resets or restore lost data. Read more about our security measures.

We can do these things from outside of your portal. We cannot access your portal, unless you give us an account. Some of things we cannot do include: create/edit/delete Team Members or Clients, view/edit Documents, read Messages and view/edit Invoices.