Quick Notes

If you want to quickly add a note to a Dossier with a brief question, thought or comment, Quick Notes are just the thing for you. You can even add attachments and do some simple formatting.

Add a Quick Note

To add a Quick Note:

  • Open the Dossier you want to add a Quick Note to.
  • At the top of every Dossier page you will see a Quick Note widget that says Add a note or activity. Click on that to open the text field.
    Add a Quick Note or activity
  • Type any message you like into the field that opens.
    Type any message you like.
  • (OPTIONAL) You can attach Documents, if you click on the little paperclip icon at the bottom of the Quick Note widget, you can attach existing Documents or upload new Documents. This works just like the Document widget everywhere else.
    Optionally, add an attachment to the Quick Note.
  • Next you select the type of Quick Note. By default, we assume you’re posting a normal note, but perhaps you are summarizing a phone call or posting meeting notes. In that case it helps to select a category, to allow for easy filtering on the Dossier page.
    Select the type of Quick Note.
  • Select the visibility. You might want to keep a Quick Note to yourself or to other Team Members only. If that is the case, select the proper option in the drop-down menu.
    Set Quick Note visibility.
  • All that remains is to press Save and the Quick Note will be added to the Dossier.


When a Client leaves a Quick Note, these are always visible for every Team Member (and the Client himself). However, when a Team Member leaves a note he has three options:

  • Visible for Client & Team Members – This kind of Quick Note is visible for everyone who can view this Dossier.
  • Visible for Team Members – These Quick Notes are not visible for the Client, but your Team Members can see them.
  • Private – These Quick Notes function as a note to self. Only you will see them.
Files attached to a Quick Note in a Dossier are visible for everyone. Make sure you do not add confidential files or files that you do not want your Client to see (yet).

How quick note differs from a Message

Messages can be addressed to one or more people and show up in their Inbox. A Quick Note is easier to get lost in the shuffle and will not be seen, unless you look at the actual Dossier.

Quick Notes are not really meant to be part of a conversation. If you want to have a proper conversation with one or more participants, it is much better to use the Message component to send a Message.

The differences:

  • Messages show up in someone’s Inbox, Quick Notes do not
  • Messages can be easily saved by Starring them
  • Messages can have multiple people as part of a Conversation. Quick Notes are just what the name says: a Quick Note in a Dossier.

In the end it boils down to your personal preference. Some similarities:

  • Both Quick Notes and Messages are encrypted.
  • Both allow you to attach Documents.
  • Both are always linked to a Dossier and show up in the Timeline.