Dossier fundamentals

FastPortal Dossiers are where all the information relating a single dossier, record, report or case come together. At their very simplest, Dossiers are an overview of all Messages, Documents and Quick Notes about a single topic.

However, the real power of FastPortal is the addition of Tasks and Workflows to Dossiers. Using Tasks and Workflows, you can easily introduce automation and client self-service into your organization.

By using Tasks and Workflows your workload will decrease significantly and your Clients will be much happier!

What does a FastPortal Dossier look like?

The Dossier page is where everything relating to a dossier comes together!
The Dossier page is where everything relating to a dossier comes together!

The Dossier page is designed to give you a quick overview of what is happening in this particular Dossier.  It has the following widgets and information:

  • Name – The name of the Dossier. This does not have to be unique. So you can have hundreds of Mortgage Advice or Income Tax Preparations Dossiers if you like.
  • Action Buttons – At the top of the page you find a button to Edit the Dossier and a button with three dots (Three dots) which opens a submenu that allows you to also reassign the Dossier to another Team Member, reassign the Dossier to another Client and Close the Dossier.
  • Overview of Tasks & the Workflow – If you or a Team Member have added Tasks or a Workflow to this Dossier, they will show up here. Completed or skipped Tasks are smaller and to the left of the big circle, which represents the current Task. Upcoming Tasks will be shown as grey and to the right of the current Task.
  • Quick Note widget – If you or your Client want to attach a written note or a Document directly to this Dossier (outside of a Task), the Quick Note widget makes this really easy.
  • Persons– This is the list of people who are involved in this Dossier.
  • Filters – If a Dossier is older, it might contain a lot of information. By using the filters at the top of the page you can decide what you want to see.
    By clicking the “See future Tasks” you can start working ahead on Tasks that are not yet active. Be aware though, this Task may still be deleted and your work lost!
  • The Timeline – The Timeline contains a chronological overview of everything that has happened in this Dossier. As you scroll down, you will see Quick Notes, Messages, Documents and Tasks. The current Task is always at the very top.
  • Details – this contains the descriptions of the Dossier. The description with the white background is visible for Clients and can be used to give some background information. The description with the yellow background is only visible for Team Members.

Responsible Team Member

Every Dossier has a Team Member who is responsible for making sure your Clients are getting a great service and that things are moving along. This Team Member receives all Notifications regarding the Dossier and is the default person who receives the Messages a Client sends with regards to this Dossier.

There can only be a single responsible (assigned) Team Member, but it is possible to add as many Collaborators as you like. Collaborators also get all Notifications regarding the Dossier. Of course, you can change the responsible Team Member at any time by reassigning the Dossier.

“General & Other” Dossier

When a Client is first created, we automatically create a Dossier called General & Other. This Dossier is exactly like every other Dossier, except that it may not be deleted or renamed. This Dossier is the place to store all Messages, Documents and Quick Notes that do not fit into any other Dossier.


A Task is something that you ask someone to do. That someone can be yourself, another Team Member or a Client.

In a Task you can ask a Team Member or Client to complete some actions in order to proceed.
In a Task you can ask a Team Member or Client to complete some actions in order to proceed.

The something that you ask can be a number of different things, for instance:

  • Ask them to simply click a button when they’ve done something.
  • Ask a Client to pay an Invoice.
  • Ask a Client or Team Member to upload specific Documents before they may continue.
  • Share Documents with a Client, like a brochure or terms and conditions.
  • Ask for Approval or agreement with a certain statement in order to continue.
  • Ask a Client or Team Member to answer a question before continuing.
  • And more…
By using Tasks, you can automate a lot of the repetitive parts of your job.


Workflows are simply a list a list of Tasks that are to be completed in a certain order. As soon as one Task is completed by the Team Member or Client who was assigned this Task, the Workflow proceeds to the next Task.

By putting together a Workflow for your most common services, you can save tremendous amounts of time and give your Clients a much better experience!
Workflows are a list a list of Tasks that are to be completed in a certain order. They will make your organisation a lot more efficient.
Workflows are a list a list of Tasks that are to be completed in a certain order. They will make your organisation a lot more efficient.

The Timeline

Messages & Quick Notes


Every Dossier must have at least one Team Member and one Client assigned to it, but it can have more of either. You can at any time add as many Team Members as you like. It is only possible to add a Client to an existing Dossier if that Client is linked to the existing Client.

Automation saves time

The whole point of FastPortal is to save you time. How many countless hours have you spent sending email reminders or searching through your inbox? It might take a little getting used to, but it will pay off tremendously to start using Tasks and Workflows as soon as you can. Read more about them in this manual or in our Inspiration articles.

Some of the savings you can think of right away:

  • Clients have direct access to their Documents, so they don’t need to call or email you to find them.
  • Clients know exactly what is going to happen in a Dossier, so they feel more in control and are happier. And you get fewer calls.
  • Clients have access to all previous Invoices without mailing your finance department.
  • If Tasks are not completed on time, your portal will automatically send your Clients or Team Members a reminder by email.
  • All the information is in one place and digitized, so you don’t have to search through DMS’es, hard drives, inboxes or your desk to find what you’re looking for.
  • Invoices can be generated automatically when certain Tasks have been completed.
  • And, much, much more!

Transparency by default

It is important to realize that Dossiers are by design visible to your Client. By default, all information is visible to your Client and your fellow Team Members. However, we understand that you might want to keep some information to yourself.

That is why we allow some things to be hidden from your Clients.