Unblock a Client

If a Client entered the wrong password a number of times, he will be blocked from entering your portal for a while. The number of allowed password attempts and how long they are blocked for is part of your portal security settings. If your Client does not want to wait till he is automatically let back in, you or another Team Member can unblock their account.

To unblock a Client, follow these steps:

  • Find the account – find the Client whose account you want to unblock on the Clients page. You will see a big red label with Blocked next to their name.
  • Click on the Remove lockout for this client option – open the submenu under the three dots (Three dots ) on the Client’s row and then click Remove lockout for this client.
    Remove lockout
    When unblocking an account, please check with the Client if he would like a new password. If he forgot his password you can immediately do a password reset for them.
  • Tell your Client – you can now let your Client know the account is unblocked and they can log back in.