Client Profile & Settings

The Client Profile contains the personal information about the Client, like his name, contact details, date of birth, social security number and information about his family .

The Client Profile is also where you’ll find all the settings that the Client has configured, like his default page, frequency of Notifications and language settings.

Find a Client’s Profile

The easiest way to get to a Client’s Profile is to find the Client on the Clients page and clicking on the edit button (it has a pencil icon) at the very right of the row with information about the Client. This will take you straight to their Profile.

Find the Client on the Clients page and click edit.
Find the Client on the Clients page and click edit.


An avatar is an image that Clients and Team Members can upload to make their account easily recognizable and the online experience more personal. Throughout your portal, whenever you a Dossier, Document, Invoice, or did anything else is related to a Client, we will display their avatar.

If the Client has not done so, you may add an avatar for them. This will make it easier for you to quickly see if you the right Dossier or Client Dashboard in front of you.

The easiest way to find a picture of your Client that they are comfortable with in a professional setting is from their LinkedIn profile.

Personal Details

Contact Details

Family Details



On the Client Profile, you can also configure settings that change how your portal works for that particular Client. Some of these settings are also available to the Client himself, so be careful to not accidentally change what they’ve already configured.

Any changes you make here will override any settings that your Client might have configured for himself.
Administrators can also change a lot of the default values for many of these settings in the Portal Settings. That way you don’t have to make the same changes over and over for every Client.

The settings you can edit are:

  • Email notification – This allows you to configure how often this Client receives Notifications from your Portal.
    Email notification
  • Default page – When the Client logs into FastPortal, by default it will open their Dashboard page. We think the Dashboard is a good place to start for most people, but perhaps this Client works in the finance department of their organization and only ever looks at the invoices. In that case you can pick another default page that opens when they login.

    The default page is also the page that opens when your Client clicks on the logo to the left of the menu.

    Default page
  • Language – FastPortal supports Dutch and English at this time. If both are enabled for your portal, a Client can pick in which language he wants to see your portal. All their email messages (including Notifications) from FastPortal will also be in the language of your choice.

Allow Sub Clients

It is possible to link a Client to another Client. If you link two Clients, one becomes a Main Client and the other a Sub Client, but perhaps you want to allow a specific Client to add his own Sub Clients. If you check this box that is precisely what happens: this Client can now add as many of his own Sub Clients as he likes.