Client Dashboard

The easiest way to see what is going on with any particular Client is to open their dashboard. This gives you a quick overview of the status and direct access to more details.

Finding the Client Dashboard

The easiest way to get to the Client Dashboard is to find the Client on the Clients page and then click on their name. This opens their Client Dashboard.

Finding the Client Dashboard
Finding the Client Dashboard

Dashboard components

The Client has the following widgets:

  • Quick Access Menu – This is a menu that allows you to quickly Edit the Client or Start a Dossier for that Client. The submenu under the three dots (Three dots) allows you to quickly Send them a Message, Upload a Document, Reset their Password, Link another Client, Suspend the Client, Leave a Client Note, Create an Invoice, or Delete the Client. It also has an option to View all Messages that shows you all messages to and from the Client, even if you were not part of the conversation.
    Some things mentioned here might not apply to you, because Administrators may have turned off specific components, there is no data to display (yet) or you have to be an Administrator to see the feature.
  • Last Dossier – A widget with information about the last Dossier belonging to this Client that anyone worked on. This is the same as the Dossier widget on your Dashboard.
  • Tasks – This widget shows the number of (to be completed) Tasks that are assigned to this Client or have to be performed for this Client by a Team Member.
    If the number of Tasks is red and has an exclamation mark next to it, that means some tasks are past their Deadline.
  • Invoices – This widget shows the total number of unpaid Invoices for this Client. In parentheses it shows the total number of Invoices that have been raised for this Client.
  • Documents – This shows the five most recent Documents added for or by this Client.
  • Client Notes – All the Client Notes left by you and other Team Members.
  • Profile – This gives you a quick glance of all the information in the Client Profile.
All the widgets have buttons to quickly access all the information in that category. That is why we think the Client Dashboard should be one of your favorite parts of FastPortal.

Client Notes

Within your organization, you might want to leave your Team Members or yourself a note about a Client, we call these things Client Notes. This can be an innocent reminder or something really nasty. We don’t really care what it is, but you must remember that all Team Members can see Client comments and your clients cannot.

You can see or add Client Notes from the Client Dashboard for that particular Client.