Client fundamentals

What is a Client?

A Client throughout these help documents and your portal, means your Client. Since you are using FastPortal, you are probably a service provider of some sort who has clients, customers, charges, patients, wards, consumers or some other type of person or organization you are providing a service for. All of those types of people – consumers of your service – we call Clients.

Though you are a customer of FastPortal, you will always be referred to as a Team Member or Administrator throughout this documentation.

Primary Team Member

Each Client has a primary Team Member. The primary Team Member receives Notifications about the Client’s account. These include password reset requests. When a Client wants to compose a Message, this Team Member is also the default in the To: field.

This is different from the assigned Team Member on a Dossier. The Dossier assigned Team Member receives all Notifications regarding that Dossier, whereas the Client’s primary Team Member receives all Notifications regarding the Client’s account.