FastPortal is the easiest way to communicate with your clients.

Whether you are an advanced computer geek or a casual user, FastPortal has been designed to make your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you have already started experimenting with FastPortal or want to learn more before starting, we’re here to help.

Your version of FastPortal will be called something different, like MyLedgerAccountants or Ledger Online (if your organization happens to be called Ledger Accountants). That is because FastPortal is a white-label solution that allows an organization or company to launch a portal that matches their branding and uses their own domain name. It also means that every portal will have its own login page.

Structure of the Help section

Our knowledge base is split into three parts:

  • Basics

    This is the quickest way to get started. It explains what FastPortal is and how you can start using it as soon as possible. Our advice is to start with Basics, play around a bit with your own portal and then come back to this Help section if want to look for specific things.

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration has tutorials with step-by-step guides for you to follow. Here we explain specific use cases or strategies for onboarding your organization as smoothly as possible, among other things.

  • Help

    Here in Help you will find the detailed documentation for all the FastPortal features. We suggest you start with Basics and then use this Help section to look for answers to specific questions. Also, we link to this Help section from the Basics, whenever we feel some additional information might be useful.

Click through the Inspiration section to see some of the things we’ve already come up with. It will inspire you on how to use FastPortal in your own organization.

You need an account

To use FastPortal you need an account with an organization’s portal. If you want to create a whole new portal for your organization, the first step is to create your own portal. If the organization already has a portal, you need to create an account.

When you first create a portal you are asked to complete the Initial Setup and Tutorial.
When you first create a portal you are asked to complete the Initial Setup and Tutorial.

Who this help is for

In this Help section we will assume that you are a Team Member within the organization that uses FastPortal. If you are a Client of this organization, you are still more than happy to read this Help section, but a lot of it might not be directly relevant for you.

Enough introduction… time to show you around FastPortal in all its glory!